Dear Frustrated PLR Buyer,

Imagine a guy who buys a car, parks it in his garage and then starts car shopping again.

He sees another great car, buys it, parks it next to the first one and heads out again.

Over and over again he buys cars - sometimes he looks for them, other times a good salesman finds him. He buys them, but he never drives them.

Soon, his driveway is filled with parked cars. His yard is jam-packed. The road he lives on is lined with his cars. They're everywhere - all parked, all sitting there beautiful and loaded with value ... but never driven.

Why doesn't he drive them?

It's simple, really.

He doesn't know how to drive them.

Puzzling, huh? I'm sure you're asking the same question that I'd be asking at this point, "Why does he keep buying them instead of learning how to drive them?"

Nobody knows. It's unclear why anyone would keep buying something over and over again without ever learning how to use it.

What's almost as crazy is this...

Buying a car just to use the CD player. What?

I mean, that would be filed under the "Odd" heading too, wouldn't it? Buying a bunch of cars and using only the CD players.

And yet...

I've done it. You've done it. Almost everyone who has ever bought PLR content has done it. A great bargain comes along. It's too irresistible to pass up. The credit card comes out. The purchase is made and the content is downloaded.

Then what?

It sits there like a parked car, along with other parked cars that we've already purchased, just waiting for future parked cars to join it.

Here's the truth of the matter:
 Most people who have bought PLR have done NOTHING with it to make money.

 Some people have used part of the content to make a little money.

 Very few people have generated significant cash from PLR content.

 Almost no one has used all of their content to its maximum profit potential.
Seriously, that's a really good look at the PLR industry. I'm guessing 80% of those who buy PLR content fall into that first category. Probably around 15% fall into category two. Maybe 4% are in category three. And I've no doubt that less than 1% (if anybody at all) is in that fourth category.

I was one of the ones who started the entire PLR industry and I'm not in that fourth category, so I don't know who is.

At any rate, the fact is that a lot of PLR content is being purchased, but not a lot of it is being used effectively to make the buyer money.

That's you... The PLR buyer!

If you aren't using the PLR content on your computer to regularly and consistently generate money for you, then you're just buying cars without ever driving them.

If you aren't using ALL of the PLR content on your computer in MULTIPLE WAYS to regularly and consistently generate money for you, then you're just buying cars to listen to the CD player.

Look at your past PLR purchases and then look at what you've done with that PLR content. Ask yourself one very simple question...

Am I satisfied with the amount of money I've made from the PLR content I've purchased?

Make sure you're honest with yourself here. Are you truly satisfied?

If you're completely satisfied with the amount of money you've made from your PLR purchases, then you can exit stage left because this isn't for you. Seriously, if you feel like you're in that "category four" from above... if you're one of those "1%"... then I salute you with a sincere "congratulations".

But, if you're like most people and you know that you've spent money (sometimes a LOT of money) on PLR content that you haven't converted into the kind of cash you'd like, then let's talk.

I know how to make money from PLR content.

I've been on both sides of it... a buyer and a seller. I know this industry as well as anyone. And I know as much about turning content in profit streams as anyone does.

And I can help you generate revenue from the PLR content you've already purchased.

That is, after all, my point...

You've Already Got The PLR Content Paid For... The Money Has Already Been Spent.

Why Wouldn't You Want To Use What You Already Have Purchased To Make Money, Right?

That's the best part of it. You've got the assets in place ... you just need some help in using those assets to generate income.

There are really only two ways to look at it...
 You don't mind wasting the money you've already spent.


 You want to get a nice return on what you've already spent.
The money is already gone. Either way, you've spent it. The PLR content is on your computer, right?

You either use it to make money or you don't.

That's your call. And I'm guessing your call is going to be to put that PLR content to use. Nobody wants to just throw away their hard-earned cash. And there's certainly no reason why you can't enjoy some profit from using the PLR you've already purchased.

Starting today you can enroll in my new monthly coaching program where I will teach you how to turn PLR content into spendable cash using several underground methods.

Each and every month you'll get a new lesson showing you a different way to profit with the PLR products you already have. Each month will be a different lesson (sometimes delivered as a step-by-step PDF and sometimes delivered as video tutorial lessons, and even sometimes a mixture of both) that you can download, view, and then implement to start making money with PLR content.

Here's just some of what's covered in your monthly lessons...
A simple 7-step plan for rewriting PLR articles to make them your own original content AND make money from them at the same time!

Dozens of PLR rewrite examples literally *showing* you a myriad of ways to tweak PLR content to make it truly yours so you can profit with it.

More than 2 dozen different ways to put PLR articles to work bringing you traffic, subscribers and sales.

Surprisingly easy methods of breathing new life into tired and lame "junk" PLR content ... learn to salvage that useless content that you spent money on and actually profit from it.

How even top gun marketers are using PLR content to get "other people" to market their businesses for them - and you can too.

The ultimate plan for using PLR to setup a system which drives traffic to your site, builds your list, presells offers, gets subscribers to buy and produces repeat purchases ... automatically.

How to assemble "bits and pieces" of PLR into an actual business that generates a sustainable income - and how to repeat this over and over again with different funnels, and make money from them all!

The truth about where to score "big bucks" with PLR - don't be one of those people who sells low-cost stuff only which requires thousands of customers (impossible for most people) to make any significant money.

The perfect way to "graduate" people from casual reader to low-ticket customer to membership site member to big-ticket purchaser.

Actual "fill in the blank" templates you can customize and make your own to write articles, emails, mini-course lessons and more.

27 ways to use PLR to make money for you business - many of them are often overlooked and can be setup very quickly to produce results almost overnight.

Ideas for using PLR content to create slideshow videos, websites to flip, firesales and more -- things most people never think about are right at their fingertips.

What to do to setup "evergreen" systems, which you "set and forget", that generate results for you while you're off working on other projects.

Shortcuts that successful PLR users take that will save you time and money (did you know you can use PLR content to answer "frequently asked questions" to cut your support costs and time down to virtually nothing?)

My favorite "subtle" ways to use PLR to promote offers - these are super opportunities to "warm" people up to your offers while helping and equipping them for free.

Virtually everything you need to know about "profiting from PLR" from the inside out, from start to finish, from nothing to orders.

A step-by-step system for setting up your own highly profitable PLR business -- become a SELLER of PLR content instead of just a buyer. This is where the BIG money is!

How to find quality ghostwriters (and negotiate reasonable fees) so you can provide PLR content to others that keeps them satisfied and coming back for more.

Simple methods for determining what customers are willing to pay for BEFORE you ever have it created ... this all but guarantees your success as a PLR seller.

The best ways to get customers for your PLR content so you can build your business fast -- and then get those customers to make additional purchases while you're finding even more customers.

Where to find high quality PLR content at low prices (if you want more), including a checklist of criteria to help you purchase only what will make you money quickly.

Step-by-step instructions for taking PLR content that you've already purchased and turning it into actual paid orders.

What to do every day of the month to build your PLR business from the ground up and continue growing it over the weeks, months and years to come.

A set of useful checklists: rewriting content, finding and hiring ghostwriters, simple tweaks, marketing your content, etc.

Simple things you can do to increase the perceived value of your PLR offers and get more sales automatically. (There's a reason why some offers sell for $3 and others $30 and others $300.)

Ready made research ... 101 niche topics that are proven to be "in-demand" for you to target with your PLR content.

How to tell stories, arouse curiosity and other writer "tricks of the trade" to connect with your readers to keep them satisfied and buying more.

What successful PLR users do to turn mediocre content into high-ticket content that outsells others who bought the same PLR materials.
And, truly, that's just a sampling of what's in store. There is so so so much more you'll be getting in this 12 month coaching program!

Nobody likes "buyer's remorse". I don't. You don't. Nobody does. Nobody likes buying something and then regretting it later. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth and makes you feel dissatisfied and sometimes even downright foolish.

Especially if you've done it many times... I know because I've been where you are!

This 12 month coaching program can help you feel good about every PLR purchase you've made (even those "junky" ones because I will show you how to polish them 'til they shine!). The PLR Profits Coaching Club can justify every penny you've spent. It can make those purchases worth something to you because you can put that content to work making money for you.

So, let's get you started! You can download your first month's lesson immediately. As in, you can start today, right now. And then every 30 days for the next 11 months you'll get a new lesson on a different way to make money with all that PLR content you have!

I'm not a mind reader, but I can probably guess what you're thinking right now.

How much is this going to cost me each month?

Am I right?

Probably so.

It's all about the cost, right?

I heard someone tell me recently, "The only reason something doesn't sell is the cost. People will buy ANYTHING if the price is right".

So, that's where we're at. You want to enroll because it's perfect for you. It's exactly what you need to help you with all the stuff you've got stockpiled. You're ready to join, but it all comes down to that question: what does it cost?

Let me ask you this: how much have you already spent?

Seriously, think of all of the PLR articles, reports, ebooks, products, graphics, etc. that you've purchased which are just sitting there on your computer.

What would it be worth to you to put all of that money to good use instead of just letting it continue to be of no value to you? What would it be worth to you to get training that will allow you to turn what you've already spent money on into something that makes money for you?

Remember what I asked you earlier: are you satisfied with the amount of money you've made from the PLR you've purchased? If you're not, then cost really is irrelevant.

It's all about recouping your investment from all that PLR you've bought and then actually making money from it.

If you look around you'll find that other similar coaching programs sell for $197-$297 MONTHLY. I'm not just making that figure up, it's a fact. High level training from top level internet marketers is pricey, especially if the training is as valuable as what is in this program.

So I'm going to give you an amazing deal!

For a limited time you can get access to the PLR Profits Coaching Club for only $47 $9.95 a month for 12 months! And of course you can cancel at anytime you want, but I'm sure you'll never want to cancel when you start using what I'm teaching you to make money!

Now, if you don't think it's worth $9.95 a month, then you seriously haven't been paying attention. You can go back to your parked cars and listen to the CD player if you don't think it's worth 3X that price. :-)

There should be a smile on your face right now. I know it's a steal. So click on the order button below and get started right now!

PLR Profits Coaching Club

To your success!

Liz Tomey

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